Maximize the Distance

Manufacturing solid reflector dish antennas for UBiQUiTi, Trango Broadband, and Motorola Canopy
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All MoWiNet antennas offer an advantage to other options such as:
Increased range offered by larger antenna
Reduced interference and increased signal
Reflector reduces beam width and increases signal level over stock radio.
Exclusive mounting system
Mount to anything vertical up to 2"(larger with additional clamps)- Using the included j-pole, mount under eave, on the roof, etc. or to a tripod pole, or tower leg. MoWiNet's mounting system is the most versatile on the market. The installer can quickly identify a secure attachment point and install the arm, without having to worry about having enough down tilt or always mounting from the top.
Quick installation
Easily secure the radio in the mount and install the reflector on the pole. Use the boom tube as a sight for easy alignment. With a large range of elevation and mount diameters installs are quick and easy, plus the clamp mount is stronger than normal DSS style mounts.
Full Functionality
Retain the use of software selectable antenna polarity(on applicable radios)
Large range of elevation adjustment
-20 degrees of down tilt while keeping the pole vertical allows for easy mounting without a skew plate

Versatility- Homeowner stated a structural 2x8 was behind the 1/4" siding


Ubiquiti Trango Canopy